Underdogs’ Triumph: Memorable Upsets in PSL Seasons


The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has always been a thrilling spectacle for cricket fans, showcasing some of the best talent in the T20 format. While the tournament often features cricketing giants, it is the underdog teams that occasionally steal the limelight with their remarkable upsets. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the most memorable underdog triumphs in various PSL seasons, highlighting moments that left fans in awe.

PSL 2016: Quetta Gladiators’ Inaugural Triumph

The 2016 PSL season witnessed the rise of Quetta Gladiators, a team that was not considered a top contender. In the playoffs, they faced Peshawar Zalmi, a more fancied side, and emerged victorious. Quetta’s standout performance came from Kevin Pietersen, who scored a match-winning century in the final against Islamabad United. This remarkable underdog victory set the stage for Quetta Gladiators to establish themselves as a competitive team in subsequent seasons.

PSL 2017: Lahore Qalandars’ Thrilling Win Over Karachi Kings

The 2017 season featured a thrilling encounter psl 2024 schedule Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings. Lahore, often dubbed as underdogs, chased down a massive target of 180 runs with just one wicket remaining. Fakhar Zaman’s explosive century was the highlight of the match, showcasing the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket. Lahore Qalandars’ victory gave hope to their fans and demonstrated that in T20 cricket, the underdogs can outperform the favorites on any given day.

PSL 2018: Multan Sultans’ Surprise Entry

The 2018 season of PSL saw the entry of a new team, Multan Sultans. While many expected them to struggle in their inaugural season, they surprised everyone by securing a place in the playoffs. Their consistency was commendable, and it was an inspiring performance by a team that wasn’t considered one of the favorites. Although they didn’t win the title, their presence in the playoffs was a testament to the competitive nature of PSL.

PSL 2019: Quetta Gladiators’ Triumph Again

Quetta Gladiators proved that their 2016 win was no fluke by clinching the 2019 PSL title. They faced Peshawar Zalmi in the final once more and came out on top. The remarkable part was that they didn’t have many star players but relied on teamwork and a strong work ethic. This victory was another example of an underdog team triumphing over more favored opponents, proving that cricket is a game of uncertainty.

PSL 2020: Karachi Kings’ First Title

The Karachi Kings’ journey to their first PSL title in 2020 was a remarkable underdog story. Despite having star-studded lineups in previous seasons, they faced criticism for not living up to expectations. However, in 2020, they defied the odds and secured their maiden title. This victory was a testament to the perseverance and determination of the Karachi Kings, showing that underdog teams can bounce back and clinch the trophy.

PSL 2021: Lahore Qalandars’ Redemption

Lahore Qalandars had been the perennial underdogs, struggling to make an impact in previous seasons. However, in 2021, they redeemed themselves by reaching the final and securing their first-ever PSL title. Their success was the result of meticulous planning, smart acquisitions, and the emergence of young talents. The 2021 season underlined the fact that underdog teams can transform themselves into champions with the right strategy and execution.


The Pakistan Super League has provided cricket enthusiasts with numerous underdog stories that continue to inspire and captivate fans. These memorable upsets from various PSL seasons have shown that T20 cricket is a highly unpredictable format, and any team, regardless of their underdog status, can rise to the occasion and emerge as champions. The tournament’s competitive nature, the emergence of young talents, and the unwavering spirit of underdog teams have contributed to making the PSL a truly enthralling cricket league. As we look forward to future PSL seasons, one thing is certain: underdogs will continue to have their say in the tournament’s rich history, creating moments that will be cherished by fans for years to come.

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