Banner Ads For eBay Merchants

Traders on the colossal sale site eBay are fortunate on the grounds that they can advance their items much more using promoting flags with a program called AMP Watchwords. Promotion Commercial center runs this program and keeping in mind that it used to be accessible solely to eBay traders it is currently accessible to different shippers also. The incredible news for publicists is presently your standard promotion can seem on eBay as well as on other sites too like, and a modest bunch of other sites.

How It Functions

AMP Catchphrases is an extraordinary help for dealers that includes partner custom pennants with watchwords so the promoting standards spring up during an eBay or other inquiry. What you will do is go to and join. From that point it will walk you through the method involved with transferring your flag, choosing catchphrases that portray your custom standard and connecting your pennant promotion to your site or selling page.

To outline how your publicizing flag is shown we should utilize the model earphones. On the off chance that a potential client visits eBay and looks for a bunch of earphones, a page will spring up with all the earphone postings on eBay. Presently suppose that you have related the catchphrase earphones with your flag promotion and bid white label payment solution that advertisement spot. On the page with all the earphone postings, may likewise be your promoting flag. Notice I said “may” continue to peruse to see the reason why.


The AMP Catchphrases program works like Google’s AdSense or AdWords program; nonetheless, you should connect your flag promotion with chose watchwords. You can have numerous watchwords related per promotion, however Promotion Commercial center suggests that for the best outcomes you have something like 100 catchphrases. The catchphrases that you pick ought to straightforwardly depict your business or item.

Installment Choices

Installment depends on a CPC rate, yet it is likewise connected to your watchwords. Here is where it gets somewhat befuddling, so let me attempt to make sense of. Fundamentally when you select watchwords that you need to connect with your flag promotion publicizing you will likewise express the most extreme CPC rate you will pay. When your rate is laid out for a specific catchphrase, you will be positioned among different clients who have offered on a similar watchword. The most lucrative publicist will get the primary standard promotion revolution spot to an expected purchaser. Back to our earphones model, in the event that you are the most elevated positioned bidder for the catchphrase earphones, your promotion is bound to show up on that search page.

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